English speaking income tax advice

Welcome to my small office for tax advice in Meerbusch and Düsseldorf. I offer comprehensive help mainly to individuals in all questions regarding German income tax.

Germany has one of the most complex income tax systems in the world. There is a saying that two thirds of the world wide literature on income tax are German. Our tax law is not only complex, but new laws, as well as amendments on income tax, are continually being made.

If you are a non-resident with German income, the first step is to assess whether there is an obligation for you to file an income tax return in Germany at all. Residents can be subject to either limited or unlimited taxability in Germany, in some cases you can choose. Even if you’re not obliged to file a tax return, it might be beneficial to do so pre-emptively in order to take advantage of possible income tax refunds. This can be advantageous e.g. if your personal circumstances have changed during the last year or if your work related expenses exceed the standard deduction amount of 1200 Euro/year.

Contact me and I will let you know at no costs, whether an annual income tax declaration makes sense for you or not.

Income Tax Services:

  • Preparation of the German income tax return considering all types of income in consideration of double tax treaty
  • Advice for expatriates working abroad (outbound) on German income tax
  • Advice for expatriates working in Germany (inbound) on German income tax
  • Advice on German income tax regarding rental, pension or any other income
  • Cash based accounting for certain small companies or freelancers as a basis for your income tax declaration
  • Preparation of corporate income tax return, trade tax return and VAT return (also MOSS)
  • Preparation and electronic filing of preliminary monthly VAT returns and annual VAT declaration